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Inspired by the zodiac sign thread in the Dominant's Dungeon,
I want


Aries is a naturally dominant sign, in many ways. The aries tends to be
hard-headed and spirited, and is dissatisfied when things are not done his way. He will hold his slave to high personal standards, and will demand things be done to his liking above all else. He can be confrontational and protective, and is intensely passionate, so his slave will be well-looked after.SUBMISSIVE ARIES

Most people know that gemini and pisces are dual signs (as are many others), but few know that aries is as well. Aries is the ram, but also the sheep. Submissive aries will retain the fire and passion of the dominant, but he will shy from confrontation, and serve obediently. Nevertheless, this slave epitomizes the truism that bondage is really all about the bottom, because without attention and devotion, the aries slave will become easily upset and rebellious.


A dominant taurus will be stubborn and unwielding, and will be even less willing
to compromise with her slave than the aries Master. She will, however, be more
hands-on, and will focus on the accoutrements of slavery. The slave of a taurus
will likely have a beautiful collar, attractive and numerous toys, and frequent,
undivided attention from his Mistress.


The submissive taurus is lazy, by nature, and needs her Master to keep her busy.
She will be confrontational, and stubborn, at times, but will also be fiercly
loyal. She will cherish the gifts her master gives to her above all else, and
will gladly wear tokens of her slavery. The taurian slave may be strong, as
well, able to bear the brunt of her Master's wrath with little complaint.


Gemini could easily be the sign of a switch, or of a man who is dominant in the
real world, and submissive in the bedroom (or vice versa). That said, a gemini
Master will be talkative and engaged with his submissive, always willing to try
new things, and ever desirous of his slave's feedback. He is interested not just
in physical domination, but intellectual control as well. He can be overbearing,
perhaps, and can easily allow his slave to top from the bottom. Once in control,
however, few dominants can match his ability to keep his slave entertained.


A gemini slave must be allowed to speak his mind. He will be ready to do
whatever his Mistress asks of him - and his limits will likely be softer than
most people's - but he demands that She think of him not as merely a toy. There
must be a dialogue. The submissive gemini is happiest when being told what to
do, when being praised for doing something well, or when being admonished for
doing it poorly; it is the communication of his Mistress that controls him, not
her riding crop or her latex.


I'll resist the urge to say too much here, since I am a cancer and a dominant...

Cancer is a reclusive sign, and an emotional one, and so this Mistress will ever
seek the approval of her slave. She delights in aftercare, in tending to the
wounds she has inflicted, and in the power she has over her slave's emotions.
She can be hard to serve, if only because she is incapable of pretending: her
disappointment or pleasure will be too obvious for her to fool her slave. Once
she has accepted someone, however, and has been accepted in return, she will be
inventive and intense, pushing her submissive beyond into the spiritual and
emotional centers of bondage.


She is likely beautiful, well-proportioned, and easily upset. She does not
respond well to her Master's chiding, because it cuts her much deeper than he
realizes. She is happy being told what to do, yes, but must have variety in
order to be comfortable. She is likely to be outrageously flirtatious with her
Master, but quiet and shy in public.


There is no more easily stereotyped sign than leo, and the stereotype fits
all-too-well with dominance. The leo is an egoist, true, but a spirited and
friendly one. He is likely to show off for his slave - as he does for others -
by constructing elaborate scenes, or engaging in b-movie romance for all to see.
But despite his personality, the leo Master will do anything for the slave he
sees as his. She is - to draw on the mythos - his lioness, and while he may
demand her obedience himself, he would prefer that she be a leader among others,
thereby reflecting all the more on his power.


Is there such a thing? Submissive leo is that very lioness, who leads, who is
personable and intense, and who's devotion is the most fiery and dangerous
imaginable. She is hard to control, and must be fought with, because for her
submission does not come naturally. But faced with sufficient strength - of body
and soul - she will give in, and direct herself through her Master. More than
any other slave, the leo must be won. Her submission is never a gift, but it is
a worthy prize.


Nagging and particular, she is a hard Mistress. Her tasks may seem endless and
pointless, her insistence on organization and well-kempt appearances may seem
overblown, but her concern for her slave's well-being, and her awareness of the
realities outside of the lifestyle are unmatched. She knows exactly when it is
appropriate and when it is not to play, and she will compel her slave to be not
just a better lover, but a better person.


Like the her dominant sister, the virgin slave is concerned with order. She
would nothing more than to be kept busy with tasks and service to her Master.
She is, perhaps, a bit less sexual in her submission than most, but thereby, her
submission extends well-beyond the bedroom. She will demand the best of her
Master, and He must make sure that his commands are more than mere whim.

More (Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces) to come


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any luck with info on the other signs??? i'm a cap ;)
Randi Triellis
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Aww, come on!
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Were the others ever finished?
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And the other signs?
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